intergenerational hub


The goal of this collaborative project is to engage isolated seniors through offering dynamic wellness programming and inviting their knowledge, wisdom and cultural experiences via blended (online and face-to-face) programs that involve local youth and other adults. We aim to foster intergenerational learning and mutual respect, while strengthening community connections and cultural vitality. Community engagement, computer literacy, mentoring, movement, rhythm and story-sharing are woven throughout various programs.

About the InterGenerational Hub

The Intergenerational Hub is a project collaboration between e-CAMP MENTORING and Rhythm is for Everyone, along with our community partners.

e-CAMP MENTORing (e-CAMP) is a Canadian federally incorporated agency dedicated to youth development and empowerment through mentoring, training and coaching with a strong focus on intergenerational learning and interactions. The organization was founded in 2013 by Dr. Leroy Clarke, an educator and community advocate, whose doctoral research illustrated the compromised confidence and low employment opportunities faced by Black, Indigenous and other racialized youth. e-CAMP connects BIPOC mentors and coaches with underrepresented and racialized youth especially Black/African-Canadians, through in person and online programs.

Rhythm is for Everyone (RIFe) aims to facilitate courageous space for self-expression, healing and intergenerational connection. Founded by Sociologist and Arts Educator Elisha MacMillan, RIFe’s programs are designed to activate personal wellness while nourishing community vitality. Drum circles, body percussion, West African dance and story-sharing are essential elements in our programs. RIFe gained international attention for their 2019 film, Lessons Learned: Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Youth, which tracks a 2018/2019 program with Markham senior citizens and high school youth.